Nirmit Gesai and Kishan Gosai are cousins who decided early in life that they wanted to be engineers and, more specifically, engineers working in CNC Machining. The men are about the same age and went all through the same schools right up to and including university where they realized they had strong skills in physics and mathematics and so they both enrolled in engineering studies

Both graduated with B.Tech’s in Mechanical Engineering.  Then they emigrated to Canada and enrolled in CNC Programming at Seneca College in Toronto and soon found co-op positions with Ingadale in Quality Control.

The course at Seneca takes four years to complete but they are able to balance studies with on-the-job duties.  They will finish the program next year and then enter the workforce. They like Ingadale, they say because management is flexible in scheduling and values a diverse workforce. They are able to work in QC but also work hands-on with CNC machines.

KIshan says, “I don’t think this would have been possible with another employer.”

Nismit says, “I really appreciate a chance to build a career.”

The ultimate goal of the cousins is to start a business together.