The acquisition of a Fanuc Alpha C 600iC represents a new way of machining for Ingadale. while expanding the range of capabilities. Wire EDM machining for Ingadale

will be used primarily for through-hole machining with very high tolerances and no need for deburring. EDM processes can be more fully automated than most CNC machines allowing for machining to be done without constant monitoring by an operator. The precision of the parts processed by wire EDM is beyond the reach of general machining technology. The processing range is also relatively wide–basically any metal conductive material. And there is no limitation on the hardness of the material.

Electrical Discharge Machining relies on a spark to cut metals in a bath of electrically non-conductive liquid either dielectric fluid or deionized water. Either has a very high resistance to electrical breakdown, even at high voltages. Electrical components are often submerged or sprayed with the fluid to remove excess heat. With Wire EDM, the spark jumps from a metal, highly conductive wire, to the job

To the customer this means a job will be completed more accurately than other methods. It means Ingadale can machine complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult if not Impossible to do with conventional cutting tools. It also allows for production level repeatability and is more cost-effective than cutting with hand tools

To summarize, Wire EDM can:

  • Produce thinner walls.
  • Cut internal corners with very small radii.
  • Cut thin slots in extrusion dies.
  • Produce non-round openings and cavities.
  • Offer an alternative to broaching for 2D shapes like gears.