Checklist for Choosing a Precision Machine Shop

  1. How big is the shop? Is it big enough to ensure that more than one aspect of your job can be worked on at the same time?
  2. How long has the shop been in business?
  3. How often are the instruments used for quality assurance recalibrated?
  4. Its one thing to state a quality control policy but how does the shop actually make it happen”
  5. Do they have a regular second shift?
  6. Can they offer full service? In other words can they complete the job within the shop rather than having to send parts of it outside to contractors?
  7. What is the process to correct a problem with a job after it has been delivered to you?
  8. What certifications do they have especially those from ISO?
  9. What is the experience of their workforce and what is the average length of employment?
  10. How often do they purchase new equipment and is there a policy for this?